Blog number four

This week has been a week of signing up! I have new accounts with three different websites including: voice thread, edmodo, and iCivics. I’m hoping to use all of these in my classroom this year! In other news: my wikipedia page is still up!! woohoo!


Post # three

I’m excited to say that I am officially an author on wikipedia! As an assignment for my graduate class, I had to create an entry on wikipedia and check on it periodically to see if it was still up. I wrote a very brief article on Spode Christmas Tree China and I am happy to say that after three days, my article is still there!

Blog number 2

Never thought I’d use social media for educational purposes (other than gossip), but tonight is changing that! For my graduate class, I had to post on twitter and one other social media site (I chose facebook). I also learned from my classmates a few ways that I may be able to implement social media in the classroom!

My First Blog Post

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kathryn Mercil and I’m a 7th grade gifted US history teacher. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading, and crafts! Though I am young and have been using technology for a while now, I am still a little slow! I’m excited about starting this blog and hopefully becoming more tech savvy in the process!